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Who am I? Knowing myself and my purpose

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Let me first wish all my readers a prosperous 2016 and thank you all for giving ears to my thoughts throughout the years.

I want to start this year on a note of knowing one’s self.

Too many of us are lost, not knowing who we are and why we are here. What we know for sure is where we have been, because we all have experienced the past.

We all go through different realms in our life which the past, the present and the future seeks to unfold daily. Many of us are trapped in one realm; the past. But who you are determines what you will do.

I believe our problem in this life is not a lack of money or education, it’s actually not knowing our purpose. You could go broke the next day after being given a million dollars because one does not know their purpose. Education doesn’t change people, it’s the values and morals learnt at home or in the village.

Let’s say you’re feeling unmotivated, unsure of self, aimless, can’t find your passion, directionless… you’re in good company – most people are in the same boat. Now there are millions of quotes and blogs online telling you how to find your passion and purpose in life. Not a bad thing but let me add: because God did not make man so that the world could happen to it we were created to happen to the world. Don’t let people tell you that you are an error likely to happen. You must do what you and only you were created to do.

Identity, talent, and purpose. These are the important aspects of life. So we are from slavery but the question is: Are we still slaves? No, you are not so your fate doesn’t have to be your destiny. Stop blaming your past, live in the future. I was born to a missing in action father and an uneducated mother but the village built my character instead of being my disadvantage. I’m not sorry anymore for my past because it’s one God and one big plan so it’s all a part of a grand design. My background is just a pressure cooker needed to prepare me for my purpose. So the real question is what are the reasons behind all this confusion?

Well I stop making excuses for my life and start moving forward. No more sitting in the mental jail I built, because my purpose is way bigger than my pain from my peripheral view. You’re born for greatness and that does not come cheap, the greater your purpose the greater your trials. Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years and came out saying “I forgive you…” If not, then he would still be in jail. So you need to let go of someone who hurt you over 20 years ago and stop walking around like a living dead pointing back to those moments. Wake up and move on because if you continue existing like that you won’t live, only waiting to die. When you don’t know who you are, you live fighting for positions and possessions. Know this today, your purpose sets a stage for you so that positions and possessions will come knocking on your door. Can you think of any natural creature that does not know what to do with every moment of its life? Each from birth has innate impulses and answers to its call. In the Garden of Eden God called out to Adam and not Eve because he was charged with the responsibility of providing and protecting, but because he was out of purpose he hid himself from God (Genesis 1:26-27).

Imitations lead to limitations

No one was born with the same talent and the same quantity. No Humming Bird looks at the crows in envy of their salvaging, wondering if it would feel better about itself if only it was awaiting the death of an unwary dog or cat. Is the great soaring hawk greater than the simple chickens walking around stalking its meal on foot laying eggs to feed the nation? No creature in nature is plagued by the conflict born of comparing itself to another, none fear that they should be something other than they are; each serve all, and all serve each. The best comes from difficulty so don’t let your abuses limit you. Be a phoenix and rise from your ashes; be better than your yesterday.

My purpose starts where my background began so I stop saying “why me!” You are unique to the world. Do you believe that each person have a purpose? You are an answer to a problem so find and be that answer.

I am, because you are; even your uneducated mother and dead beat father served their purpose -they add fire to your fuel and life. Many pressures caused a combustion, and oh, how today the sparks turn into this great flame that you are. So if nature did not have it that you bear children, perhaps your purpose is to foster those who will be parentless. You are dyslexic? Big deal, you are great with your talent of singing, dancing, painting, styling, planting crops, rearing animals… and I could go on.

You can’t seem to find that amazing job but you could start a charity organization and volunteer to build your community, or start a little business that will provide employment for others.

Lasting relationships just don’t seem to be your forte? That’s ok. Perhaps travelling the world sharing with others the gospel of being self-motivated and at peace with one’s self could be your call as you are a true and living testament to that. Yes, while we admire others and take qualities from them we must never try to fill the covers of our life with the pages they have written for themselves because we would be imitating; losing our true purpose and limiting ourselves to that person’s limits. Leap over those boundaries set by our parents and society at large; they will someday come to cheer you.

Just a word of advice: Be careful who you make the centre of your life because when your centre shifts, which it oftentimes does, your whole life could so be the centre of someone else’s life.

The plan

After we came down the birth canal no manual was issued for our life so we had to learn each step of the way. Should all your titles be stripped away today and you’re no longer the manager, the wife, the husband, the relative of, and all the great accolades and honours that could be bestowed on any man, what’s the plan? If you know your purpose then vibrate at the highest frequencies in life and achieve all you can, but ensure you acknowledge and understand that you must give yourself what you love. No more wasting precious time in haunted deliberations over what you think others will love about you if only you step up and “satisfy” their social contrived expectations. Do this and this only; give yourself what you love and if this passion remains unsure or unknown to you look for the trails of its promise hidden within you. Follow your longing; it’s already connected to the source of itself. In this gradual unfolding of this daring act you will come to find the greatest love on earth; being what you and you alone are meant to do, and knowing that you have found yourself.

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