Wednesday, February 21, 2018

To those who know him it is still amazing how such a talented dancehall artiste remains relatively unknown in Jamaica.

But with so many artistes around and new materials being churned out by the second on a daily basis, the obfuscation of good talent does happen in the music industry especially without the right supporting cast.

This happens to be the case for the unquestionably talented DJ Badd Cash, who has been penning his own songs since the mid 1990s while attending Old Harbour High School.

Some 20 years onwards Badd Cash aka Hikaliba is still seeking that major break highlighted in some of his latest songs Lucky Day, Seven to Seven among others.

“Mi jus a look into life and a se things just too unfortunate for me. Why mi se that? Mi jus feel like doing what mi want to do and you hear it and love it just like that,” said the artiste named Morvin Pennant, who was born and raised in Water Lane, Old Harbour.

The artiste believes his lack of recognition in the industry is largely due in part to dishonest management practices.

Despite the setbacks, the 37-year-old dancehall act is determined more than ever getting to the top.

“Mi have a label right now that me and a brethren put together. Mi have a song done already on this new label, but technically speaking it nuh release it. It done mix by Nico Marshall from Switzerland on a rhythm name Mek It Bun and my song name Nuh Trust Dem on the rhythm. So we have that ready fi road and we have other songs ready fi the road too. I have a song name Soldier that’s getting good views right now. So basically mi a put things together,” he told Old Harbour News.

According Badd Cash, who spent a few years in Switzerland, persons who get to hear his music are usually impressed and often express the desire to work with him. But that’s where his biggest obstacle, in terms of real progression, remains.

“I am currently working with True Lyfe in terms of a management team but we haven’t sign off on anything official as yet. We met like some five years ago. There was some misunderstanding but we pass that and we now putting some moves in play,” he said.

“It’s just natural people coming together on this effort showing their love for the music but more specifically my music.”

The artiste informed Old Harbour News that one of his top tracks is included on a recent mixed tape titled All or Nothing compiled the very popular DJ Deala out of England. Most of his songs are available on media platforms such as iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, among others.

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