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Old Harbour News

Old Harbour News

A man from an Old Harbour community was last month ordered to pay $100,000 or serve six months in prison after pleading guilty to creating public mischief.

Carlyle Simpson, who at the time resides in the community of New Harbour Village Phase I, avoided jail time by paying the price for his mischievous deed when he appeared in front of Senior Parish Judge Tara Carr at the Old Harbour Parish Court on September 14.

The court heard that on July 3 of this year at about 9:00 am, Simpson lodged a report at the Old Harbour Police Station, stating that he was abducted a few hours earlier – approximately 7:45 am – by armed men in the vicinity of Glendon Court.

However, following months of investigation, the police concluded that the statement lodged by Simpson, who was undergoing marital separation at the time, was fictitious.

He was subsequently arrested and brought before the court where he pleaded guilty to the offence.

After making stops in Ocho Rios and Kingston, the ‘Now We No’ campaign for women’s awareness will be in Old Harbour this evening at Kaluga Kafe, where another eye-popping presentation is anticipated.

The movement, the brainchild of Nspire Network’s founders, seeks to raise awareness about the “harmful affects today’s sanitary napkins and tampons may have on women’s bodies”.

On the flipside Nspire Network have created its own line of product, called ‘Cherish Sanitary Napkin & Liners’, which they say is “saving the lives of women”. Presentation starts at 6:00 pm sharp. Because of limited seats available persons are urged to call 517-9502 or 465-3864 for reservation.

After making stops in Ocho Rios and Kingston, the ‘Now We No’ campaign for women’s awareness will be in Old Harbour this evening at Kaluga Kafe, where another eye-popping presentation is anticipated.

The movement, the brainchild of Nspire Network’s founders, seeks to raise awareness about the “harmful affects today’s sanitary napkins and tampons may have on women’s bodies”.

On the flipside Nspire Network have created its own line of product, called ‘Cherish Sanitary Napkin & Liners’, which they say is “saving the lives of women”. Presentation starts at 6:00 pm sharp. Because of limited seats available persons are urged to call 517-9502 or 465-3864 for reservation.

The police high command is attributing the recently launched zones of special operation (ZOSO) for locating and subsequent killing of G-City gangster Paul Lewis.

Lewis, also known as ‘Jay’, was this morning killed by the police during a shootout in the community of Red Ground, located four miles north of Old Harbour town centre.

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“Lewis and members of the G-City gang recently threatened to kill members of the security forces following the fatal shooting of the gang leader in Salt Spring in September. He is a known violence producer in St. James and was the target of several police operations; he however, eluded them and was displaced to Old Harbour,” the police said in a statement issued by the Constabulary Communications Unit.

“Since the launch of the Zones of Special Operations in St. James, criminals are leaving the area to other areas outside of the parish and as such the security forces have implemented a displacement strategy to capture these men.”

Old Harbour News understands that Lewis, who is of a Cornwall Court, Montego Bay, St James address, was staying at a premises belonging to his father. His mother is said to live in St James.

The police said, during an intelligence led operation, a team of officers went to the premises to apprehend Lewis, who open fire at them. The fire was returned and Lewis was shot and later succumbed to his injuries.

A Glock 40 Pistol with 12 rounds of ammunition was also taken from him.

A member of the Montego Bay-based G-City gang was killed this morning by the police in Red Ground, St Catherine South West.

The dead man has been identified as Paul Lewis alias ‘Jay’, a known gang member the police said.

According to the police at about 6:30 am a team of officers went to a home belonging to the father of the deceased during which they were greeted with gunfire.

The cops returned fire hitting Lewis in the process, while a Glock 40 pistol and 12 rounds were recovered.

Based on information gathered, it is the understanding of the police that Lewis’ mother is from St James.

The Independent Commission of Investigation (INDECOM) is investigating.

Lauren Le Franc, a Jamaican entrepreneur residing in the United Kingdom has won a graduate award from City University of London to expand her already established coffee business, J.A. Island Roasters.

As part of her award package Le Franc also secured a location for her business at the university’s Cass Business School, and she is looking at commencing operations in the upcoming weeks.

Le Franc, a qualified barrister of England and Wales who first set up the company in Jamaica in 2011 while completing her legal education, has been focused on selling roasted coffee through J.A. Island Roasters under the brand True Blue 100 per cent Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. With this award she is looking forward to importing organic and non-organic Jamaican green beans to the U.K. from the world-famous Blue Mountains.

She said the award package also covers operational costs, and comes with mentorship and support from the University.

“I’m elated to have such an amazing opportunity to expand my business and to take brand Jamaica a step further into the spotlight,” shared Le Franc. “I already have a distributor who has been contracted to take all my organic coffee, I look forward to continuing the work with the Coffee Industry Board on this venture and I am heading into business with an optimistic mindset and a winning attitude.”

In 2014, J.A. Island Roasters received approval from the Certification of Environmental Standards (CERES) - an international organization which offers certification for organic farming and food processing, to maintain good practices in the food industry. Then, she received approval from the Coffee Industry Board to export organic certified Jamaican Blue Mountain green bean coffee.

Although she found favour for her roasted coffee in the Asian market, she was in search of additional opportunities for development when she came across the City University of London’s Entrepreneur Graduate Scheme competition in 2016, and her big break came when she decided to participate.

Le Franc, along with 30 other competitors, delivered a business pitch to a panel of judges on a platform similar to reality shows such as Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. Her practical presentation led to her victory in the competition, which has now allowed her to set up the London branch of her offices and receive support from the university and interested investors.

“This win is a great step for the Jamaican organic coffee industry and a testament to the hard work I have put in over the years,” said Le Franc.

She explained that her business idea was based on a social-enterprise model which focuses on donating a percentage of the profits from sales to help the local farmers.

“It was important for me to give back and one of the main problems is that small farmers are being ‘squeezed out’ of the industry. It is my view that if these communities don’t develop, the industry will not grow.”

Le Franc said her goal has been to attain certification for internationally certified organic 100 per cent Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee and after achieving this in 2014, she took a break to focus on law, but she is now ready to launch full time.

“I would like to send my first shipment in time for the Christmas season; I am working hard and I have several exciting activities lined up,” she said. “There is a growing demand for a more environmentally friendly and ethically traded coffee and Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is in the perfect position to take advantage of that niche.”

Gusland McCook, acting director, Coffee Industry Board gave full endorsement of Le Franc, adding that she has done well with the development of her brand True Blue 100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

“It is good to see Lauren as a young entrepreneur capitalizing on the unique opportunity presented by Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, using her resources to build her brand, and simultaneously highlighting brand Jamaica in the international spotlight,” said McCook. “Lauren has demonstrated unwavering commitment and resilience in getting her certifications, and identifying and serving her niche with the best quality products; we wish her all the best.”

Le Franc added that her vision is to assist in developing local communities invested in coffee farming, and to inspire other women to embrace the coffee industry.

“Support and mentorship are critical to personal and business growth; I want to share my knowledge and to inspire other women to take the bold step,” she said.

The images here represent the latest seizure of several guns and ammunition by detectives from the JCF’s Counter-Terrorism and Organized Crime (C-TOC) investigation branch.

An officer assigned to C-TOC confirmed with Old Harbour News that the images are authentic after Monday’s discovery of 484 rounds of ammunition, five hand guns and an M-16 rifle at a container terminal in Newport West in Kingston.

The police say they are searching for a woman in whose name the barrel of goods, containing mostly food items was addressed to her Kingston 11 residence from the United States of America.

In addition to the M-16 rifle, the other weapons seized are a Glock 9mm pistol, a 9mm Smith and Wesson, one Browning 9mm, a Jimenez Arms 9mm and a Claridge Hi-Tec semi-automatic pistol.

Jamaica Broilers Group has acquired a second hatchery in the United States, which is expected to grow its hatching capacity by 40 per cent.

Previously operating as Bell & Evans Hatchery, in Big Valley, Pennsylvania, the new facility will be renamed International Poultry Breeders Hatchery Inc.

The acquisition was effective on Wednesday, October 4, 2017.

In making the announcement, Christopher Levy, group president and CEO of the Jamaica Broilers Group, said the investment was made primarily to enable the group to access a larger customer base, including new clients on the east coast of the USA and Canada.

He said the new facility would reduce any bio-security risk factors faced by his company’s customers.

Currently, Jamaica Broilers Group has to truck baby chicks from its International Poultry Breeders Hatchery in Iowa to the east coast.

The facility in Pennsylvania will reduce delivery mileage by an average of 500 to 600 miles.

“This investment will position the Jamaica Broilers Group to respond to the needs of our expanded customer base and facilitate growth in the USA and Canada,” said Levy.

Monday, 09 October 2017 13:58

PHOTO: Sneakers and jerseys

Another group of boys, all with a passion for the sport of basketball, received sneakers and jerseys courtesy of an initiative organized by some Jamaicans based in the United States of America.

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The distribution took place last Saturday morning at the Kevon Godfrey Basketball Academy (formerly Old Harbour Basketball Academy).

It’s the latest round of distribution exercise carried out by Ricardo Edwards, co-founder of the academy.

The sneakers drive came about after close pals Barrington Bonitto and Gary Thomas heard of the plight of Jamaican kids who have a keen interest in the sport.

Over 150 pairs of sneakers – both new and slightly worn – were allocated and shipped to Jamaica where youngsters attached to Old Harbour High School, Jamaica College and the Kevon Godfrey Academy benefited.

The Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation received a massive boost ahead of the Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, South Korea in February 2018.

The exciting news was announced last Thursday at Japan’s Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, where Skylark Airlines unveiled its Boeing 737-800 aircraft wrapped with the image of the national team.

The airline, which went into full service the next day also have the logo of the Shitamachi Bobsleigh Project which designed and donated the state-of-the-art sleds the Jamaica team will use at the upcoming Games.

“The aircraft was put into service on Friday, 6th October and will fly across the length and breadth of Japan - from Hokkaido and Tokyo to Osaka and Okinawa, displaying the Jamaican Bobsleigh image while covering a wide number of domestic routes and, thus, continuing to build local support for this extraordinary partnership in sport,” said a statement from the Embassy of Jamaica in Tokyo.

The development came about three months after Shitamachi Bobsleigh and the Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation signed a formal agreement at the Kingston residence of the Japanese Ambassador to Jamaica.

The value of the deal was not disclosed.

“Thanks to our partners at Shitamachi Bobsleigh, our sled is ready for the season,” declared the national team on its Facebook page.

In its quest to qualify for the Winter Olympics, the Jamaica Bobsleigh Federation has inked deals with Japanese Conglomerate Marubeni among other partnerships.

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