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Old Harbour News

Old Harbour News

Sunday, 27 August 2017 14:15

JUTC to establish lay-by in Old Harbour

The Jamaican Urban transit Company (JUTC) will establish a lay-by for its buses in Old Harbour.

Old Harbour News has been reliably informed that the new lay-by will be in place for the start of new school year on September 4.

A lay-by is an arrival and departure point similarly to that which exists at Parade in Downtown, Kingston.

The lay-by in Old Harbour will be located at Marlie Avenue, Old Harbour Gardens, small residential community nestled in the heart of the south west St Catherine town.

Yesterday, Old Harbour News witnessed rehabilitative work being carried out in the community, situated opposite to the Old Harbour Campus of the Portmore Community College.

The work is being carried out by the National Works Agency (NWA).

Meanwhile the move is in keeping with a policy decision of the government for the state-own bus company to expand its service to more rural parts of the island with Old Harbour, Clarendon and Manchester the target areas.

Speaking during his Sectoral Debate presentation in Parliament last year, Transport Minister Mike Henry said the provision of the bus service in these geographies would contribute to the reduction of fatalities as well as bus fare for students.

The communities of New Harbour Village, Old Harbour Bay, Presidential Estate and The Aviary will experience disruption starting August 28, the National Water Commission (NWC) has advised.

In a notice posted on its website the NWC said the disruption is due to “technical challenges” at the Rhoden’s Pen Well which serves these communities.

“As a result, operations at the facility will be shut down as of Monday, August 28, 2017 in order to carry out the necessary repairs,” stated the company.

In the interim, added the state utility company, the affected communities will receive supply of the commodity from the Colbeck Pumping Station for 24 hours on a scheduled basis.

Residents of The Aviary and Presidential Estate will receive water in their pipes on August 28 and 30; and September 1 between 9:00 am to 9:00 am the next day.

NWC customers living in Old Harbour Bay and New Harbour Village I, II and III will receive water on August 29 and 31 during the same specified period.

The company apologies to its customers for the inconvenienced caused.

Given the latest weather forecast for Jamaica, inhabitants on the Island are likely to only witness a dim view of the highly anticipated solar eclipse across North America on August 21, 2017.

Sometime between noon and 3:00 pm tomorrow the continent will experience, depending on your location, a total or partial eclipse of the sun.

A solar eclipse is where the moon will completely cover the sun and the sun’s tenuous atmosphere - the corona - can be seen, writes the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on its website.

According to NASA, the United States government agency responsible for science and technology related to air and space, Americans located between Salem, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina will witness a full eclipse, while observers outside this path on the continent will still see a partial solar eclipse where the moon covers part of the sun's disk.

Get all you need to know about Solar Eclipse 2017 on NASA

But with Jamaican weather forecast projecting for the next 48 hours showers and thundershowers, many could miss the opportunity to see one of nature’s most awe-inspiring wonders.

Solar Eclipse 2017: Will Clouds Affect The View?

Everything you need to know about Solar Eclipse 2017

Experts are warning, however, persons against viewing the eclipse with the naked eye as such an attempt can cause permanent blindness.

“When watching a partial eclipse you must wear eclipse glasses at all times if you want to face the sun, or use an alternate indirect method. This also applies during a total eclipse up until the time when the sun is completely and totally blocked.

"During the short time when the moon completely obscures the sun – known as the period of totality – it is safe to look directly at the star, but it's crucial that you know when to take off and put back on your glasses,” said NASA.

Alternate indirect method to view a solar eclipse safely

The island will experience showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow, the local Met Service is forecasting.

In its latest bulletin, released at nine o’clock this morning, the Meteorological Service of Jamaica, says strong winds are also expected over southern parishes caused by remnants of Tropical Storm Harvey which has degenerated into a Tropical Wave moving in a south westerly direction of Jamaica.

“At 11:00 p.m. last night the remnants of Harvey were located near latitude 14.3 north, longitude 71.8 west.

“The Tropical Wave associated with Harvey's remnants is moving quickly toward the west near 35 km/h, and this general motion will continue for the next day or two.

“The remnants are expected to move westward across the central Caribbean Sea on Sunday and across the western Caribbean Sea toward Central America on Monday. Maximum sustained winds are near 55 km/h with higher gusts,” the Met Service said.

“Although the remnants of Harvey is forecast to pass south of Jamaica, the island is expected to experience cloudy conditions with showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow. Windy conditions are also expected across southern parishes.

“Marine interests, especially small craft operators are advised to exercise extreme caution as the remnants of Harvey traverse the waters south of Jamaica.”

Meanwhile, the US-based Weather Channel says Harvey could possibly regenerate this week.

“The remnants of former Tropical Storm Harvey will continue to track westward through the Caribbean Sea and possibly into the Bay of Campeche where a regeneration of the system could occur this week.

“What is left of Harvey is a cluster of shower and thunderstorm activity to the south of Jamaica which has become more concentrated as of Sunday afternoon. A Hurricane Hunter aircraft is scheduled to investigate the remnants of Harvey on Sunday afternoon, if necessary,” the cable and satellite television channel has reported.

Residents, from particularly the community Church Pen, are still in shock following news about the gruesome discovery of the body of Alfred Bryan popularly known as ‘Sleepy’ or ‘Skibo’.

The police told Old Harbour News that the body of Bryan, 68, was discovered at about 7:40 am Friday in an abandoned building on Thetford Farms with “chop wounds to his face and upper body”.

There’s no motive establish so far the police say, but residents are shock beyond belief of the horrible news.

Bryan, who often wears a ragged look, was to the contrary quite collective and cerebral in mind and spirit, they say.

“He reads his newspaper every day,” said one woman known as Bev. “People pay him to cut grass for their animals and any other little work you give him he will do it. Him is just a hard working man who nuh trouble nobody.”

“Who ever do this to ‘Sleepy’ really wicked mi a tell you,” she added.

Bryan’s sister Marcia Kelly is gutted by the news. She says her brother does not deserve to die like this.

“If it was like he was hit by a car and died or was sick, then I could understand,” she said via telephone from New York City. “He’s a good brother; he’s always working. He’s always appreciative of what I give him whenever I’m in Jamaica or if I send something for him with someone.

“It’s hard to accept that my brother is really gone. I will no longer have my brother around.”

Bryan had mental challenges admitted ‘Uncle Roy’ a well known taxi operator who lives in the community, but was nonetheless a wonderful human being.

“He’s not a person who trouble any body,” he exclaimed. “Knowing how him stay I just couldn’t believe what mi a hear, because mi si him as the last person fi a man attack or really kill.

“Yes, his mind is sort of unstable in a way, but him is no mad man. When I first know him, he was a ‘face boy’ before him get to that state you now si him in.

"He doesn’t go on people’s property and steal things. He’s not like that. If you have animals, he will go cut grass and come sell you. And from that money he will buy his Gleaner and Star every day.

“He’s a very peaceful gentleman. If you get to know him he’s a nice gentleman who can reason very well. He knows his vocabulary very good. Who kill him a dem a mad man.”

Meantime the police are urging anyone with any information that could help them solve this crime to come forward.

Tuesday, 15 August 2017 22:21

Four shot in Gutters shooting

A man was shot six times, while three other persons were injured during a shooting at Gutters Square, St Catherine Sunday night.

Old Harbour News understands that the injured man, who is hospitalized in serious condition, was recently released from prison after being acquitted of a murder charge.

Also among the injured is a pregnant woman, who was shot in the buttocks, and two men – one shot in the hand and the other in his leg which has been broken, residents say.

The incident occurred sometime between 10: 00 pm and 11:00 pm, while several persons were lyming at a popular location in the Square when two armed men walked towards the group and opened fire before escaping along Spring Village main road.

Several businesses that were open at the time immediately closed while the police were called in and the scene processed.

Investigation continues.

Old Harbour will play in the SDC T20 final for the fourth time in its history after beating arch rival Greater Portmore by 30 runs at Ultimate Sports Club, St Ann today.

The 2011 and 2012 champions will meet defending champions St Elizabeth’s Junction/Bull Savannah, who overpowered Heartease of St Thomas by seven wickets in the other semi-final played at the same venue.

Old Harbour’s march to another final appearance was first laid by top order batsmen Ronville Brown, Devoy Royal and Erron Downer, as the south west St Catherine club posted a challenging 193 for three after being sent in to bat first.

Brown ended the innings unbeaten on 72 after building an opening stand of 135 with the more attack-minded Gray, who made 68 from 40 balls. Brown’s 60-ball knock included nine boundaries, while Gray smashed five fours and five sixes in a brilliant display of power hitting.

Downer, the hero of Old Harbour’s quarter-final win over Race Course, upped the ante in joining Brown, as he blazed a whirlwind 38 from 13 deliveries which included four maximums while hitting the boundary rope once. Fifty-four runs were added for the second wicket and Old Harbour were firmly in the driver’s seat, while Malcolm White (2-31) was the best bowler on the day for Greater Portmore.

At their turn at bat, the Portmore champions and wild card entrant were off to a decent start with openers Rushane Bird (41) and Junior Stewart (39) posting 67 for the first wicket. The departure of Bird saw Jermaine Gordon (37) teaming up with Stewart and together the pair compiled 34 for the second wicket. But their departures, due to excellent bowling from Old Harbour, stifled the flow of runs, as they were restricted to 163 for seven when the overs ran out.

Downer’s all round ability, once again shun, as he bagged two for 17, while Derron Royal grabbed two for 40.

Meanwhile, Junction/Bull Savannah, champions of 2013 as well, confined Heartease to 117 for eight from 20 overs, before racing to 120 for three with some five overs to spare.

Old Harbour will be seeking to exact revenge against Junction after coming out on the losing end when both teams meat in last year’s semi-finals.

The final is set for 27th August at Naranda Bauxite in Discovery Bay, St Ann.

Friday, 11 August 2017 09:58

Old Harbour’s DJ Logo shot dead

Up and coming disc jockey Kemare Fogah, popularly known as DJ Logo, was shot dead by gunmen at his Panton Lane, Old Harbour home Wednesday night.

According to the police at about 10:40 pm, Fogah was at this home when he heard a scream coming from his 38-year-old mother, who was at the front of the yard. When he went to assess the situation, he saw three men, two armed with gun, trying to gain entry to the premises. Upon realizing what was taking place, the DJ went to assist his mother, but was shot in the upper body.

The police then came and rushed him to the Spanish Town Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries.

Meantime, police investigators have dismissed claims that the gunmen had robbed the shop operated by Fogah’s mother on the property and that the DJ’s laptop was stolen in the process.

That might have been the initial plan of the gunmen until Fogah came into the picture, an investigator told Old Harbour News.

A motive is yet to be established, the investigator told OH News, but the Old Harbour CIB will continue to investigate the matter.

And news of Dj Logo’s death has sent shockwaves throughout Old Harbour and beyond. Several friends of the DJ have written on his Facebook page, calling him a “very humble” person, most undeserving of such an evil act.

Investigators are hopeful an autopsy report will provide crucial evidence regarding the mysterious death of two Old Harbour Bay fishermen whose bodies were discovered at sea on August 6.

The deceased are Nigel Blake, 42, of Burkfield and 49-year-old Wadell Williams-Wood of Buddo both resident of Old Harbour Bay.

However, their death has left more questions than answers, after the decomposing bodies were found afloat, sometime between one and two o’clock in the afternoon in the Rolling Bay waters near Salt River, Clarendon.

Both Blake, alias ‘Weedy’ and Williams-Wood also called ‘Dudo’, left for “nearby sea” on Thursday, August 3 at about 3:30 pm and were expected to return the following day by mid Friday morning.

But they were not seen Friday, raising concerns amongst their colleagues and family members, who lodged an official report at the Old Harbour Bay Police Station at about 11:00 am Saturday morning.

A search involving the Marine Police and other fishermen was then launched and at some point Saturday the empty boat that both men were using was spotted near the Jamaica Public Service power barge. The rescuers found it strange, though, that all the tools belonging to their deceased colleagues were still in the boat.

“It’s a mystery because if they had experienced a freak storm the boat would turn over and the some of the things would not be in it. They were not attack by shark because the bodies a basically intact. And it’s hard to fathom that they drowned because I don’t know of any fisherman who

can’t swim,” said an officer, speaking on condition of anonymity. “So the autopsy will give us some definite clue what transpired out at sea involving these men.”

Optimism of finding them alive was now fading but the men continue to search nonetheless.

The search team decided to expand their exploration westerly towards Clarendon where the bodies were spotted. An arm was missing from one of the bodies, attributed to the state of decomposition, Old Harbour News was told.

The bodies were removed from the waters and brought to shore, while the police’s scene of crime unit was called in for general processing before the corpses were taken to the morgue for storage.

Speculations regarding what may have caused their death are now rife in the community, but the autopsy report should tell us more in the coming days.

Investigation is ongoing.

Justice of the Peace Luna Bailey is now conscious and talking following a burglary at her Spring Village home on Emancipation Day, Old Harbour News can report.

The 82 year-old Bailey, a native of the St Catherine community, was attacked at about 11:00 pm at her home where she also operates a shop.

According to the police, Bailey had just locked shop when she was attacked by a burglar who robbed her of cash.

The man, Old Harbour News understands, has mental issues and also lives next door to the renowned Justice of the Peace.

Hours later, the suspect was accosted by the police and remains in custody, but formal charges are yet to be laid, the police informed Old Harbour News as investigation is ongoing.

Old Harbour News has seen images of the battered JP, who has served her community with great pride for decades, but the photos are too graphic to publish.

Her condition at the time was considered serious but stable. Since then the senior citizen’s condition is improving and her anticipated release from hospital should happen in a few days from now.

News of Bailey’s ordeal sent shockwaves throughout the community, greater Old Harbour and also colleagues of the Justice of the Peace alliance.

But news of her pending recovery should also bring about a sigh of relief.

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