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Injured businessman upset after learning of attacker’s release from police custody

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East Street and Ascott Drive intersection in Old Harbour, Jamaica East Street and Ascott Drive intersection in Old Harbour, Jamaica Photo: Peter Simmonds/Image5 Multimedia Services

An Old Harbour businessman, who was stabbed by a ‘loader man’ on Emancipation Day, is angry at the police after learning that his attacker was released from police custody and that the police didnt seek to get a statement from him.

Clearly upset by the news, the businessman said the police have given his attacker the freedom to hunt him down.

The man, who has requested for his identity not to be released, spent four days in hospital recuperating after he was stabbed and chased by man who assists bus operators in getting the public to use their service.

According to the businessman, it was the intervention of a police officer that perhaps prevented him from certain death as the officer accosted his attacker, while he was placed in a police vehicle and rushed to hospital.

The Old Harbour Police have confirmed the incident.

The incident unfolded at about 6:30 pm at the intersection of East Street and Ascott Drive, said the businessman who was aboard a coaster bus with his two sons – both under the age of 12. He said he was sitting at the back of the bus when the conductor instructed him to let one of the boys sit in his lap to accommodate an adult passenger. This he flatly refused, triggering an argument involving himself, the conductor and the loader man. The driver of the bus would interject before ordering the businessman to get off the bus. He complied, however, perhaps in solidarity, other passengers immediately follow suit and disembarked from the bus.

The argument continued he said while awaiting another bus during which the loader man took a knife from the conductor and stabbed him in the abdomen. Realizing the gravity of the situation he said he had no choice but to abandoned his boys and run for his life as he was being chased by the man who stabbed him and another man believed to also be a loader man.

“The reason why them never catch me is because me use a couple stones to ease them off,” the injured man told Old Harbour News while pointing to the wound which had five stitches.

Luckily a police man intervened, grabbing his attacker.

Having been released from hospital he went to the Old Harbour Police Station Monday to lodge a formal complaint during which he was informed that his attacker was released.

A check at the station by Old Harbour News confirmed this was true, however a police officer who didn’t want to be identified said the reason for releasing the accused is that the state would have violated the rights of the individual should they keep him in lockup for more than 48 hours without charge. The accused is also well known to the police.

However, an experienced officer in the constabulary disagrees, arguing that the arresting officer blundered badly and could have obtained an order by way of a power of a Justice of the Peace, granting further detention until statements are collected from the victim.

Investigation continues.

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