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Five students receive Kaluga back-to-school aid

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Adrian Samuda (left), Kaluga Group CEO, presents a symbolic cheque to Kelly-Angel McLean (centre) Rohan McLean Adrian Samuda (left), Kaluga Group CEO, presents a symbolic cheque to Kelly-Angel McLean (centre) Rohan McLean Photo: Contributed

Five students, on Sunday, received $10,000 each from the Kaluga Group as support towards the new academic year.

The students – all residents from Old Harbour communities – are Kelly-Angel McLean, who now attends Old Harbour High School; Kadeijra Gregory of Garvey Maceo High; Ensom City Primary’s Tadamia Broomfield; Izanna Fletcher, a fourth form student at Cumberland High and Jannise Townsend of Davis Primary.

The presentation was made during a reception inside the VIP Lounge at Kaluga Kafe.

Speaking specifically to the parents present, chief executive officer and head honcho of Kaluga Group Adrian Samuda, said: “You have to take responsibility for your children to make sure they become successful in life. So we are not going to investigate how you spend this money. You all must be aware by now of the importance of a good education. Therefore it is your responsibility to make sure that you invest in their education.”

Adrian Samuda (left), Kaluga Group CEO, shares a light moment with the recipients (L-R) Kadeijra Gregory, Kelly-Angel McLean, Izanna Fletcher and Tadamia Broomfield (forefront)

Kedisha Bennett, mother of Kadeijra Greogry, is grateful for the assistance.

“I am overwhelmed,” she told Old Harbour News. “In some ways I am having it really hard. But I hope God will continue to bless him so he can give to others like what he has given to me.”

“He’s a man of my own heart,” beamed Rohan McLean, Kelly-Angel’s father, who noted this was the second encounter with the Kaluga boss after first trying to sell him potted plants when the restaurant had just broke ground for construction.

“It’s a great feeling,” added the proud the dad. “This will help my youth to the next level, believe me. It’s a good move and I just hope for the best.”

Samuda, who has been consistent in giving back to his community, has taken on added responsibility by offering weekly mentorship to Fletcher, who resides at the Sunbeam Boy’s Home. He said the teen will receive $50,000 in total support throughout the school year. It’s a move that makes Lemoy McLaughlin, Fletcher’s guardian, very delighted.

Adrian Samuda (centre), Kaluga Group CEO, share lens time with the recipients and their parents.

“I am more than happy,” he said. “I am very delighted. I ‘m very grateful; and I pray that God will bless Mr. Samuda in all that he does.”

Speaking afterwards to Old Harbour News, Samuda said: “It’s my way of giving back. Children are more vulnerable, they depend on us as leaders and guardians to be successful. Without our support they cannot be successful.

“It is also my way of showing gratitude to the community of Old Harbour. As a young leader it is my desire to give them hope to become successful. All of this is part of my Foundation, which I will be launching soon, called HOPE. HOPE means helping other people excel.”

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