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Missing Old Harbour DJ alive… Was in coma following car crash

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A photo of Shacquilio ‘Rodjay’ Steadman after arriving home from hospital today A photo of Shacquilio ‘Rodjay’ Steadman after arriving home from hospital today Photo: Contributed

Local disc jockey Shacquilio ‘Rodjay’ Steadman, who was reported missing since January 6, 2018, has been found alive.

The Old Harbour Bay resident was hospitalized and unconscious for days following a motor vehicle accident along the Old Harbour Road.

He was rushed to the Spanish Town Hospital before being transferred to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) where further treatment was administered.

Steadman, we have since learned, was among the many persons who were injured in the deadly January 5 motor vehicle crash in the vicinity of McCook Pen which claimed four lives.

He had left his Old Harbour Bay home the night to perform at an event in Tivoli Gardens, west Kingston.

But he did not make to the party nor was anyone able to contact him since today. With more than a week passed, his family and friends started fearing the worse in a crime riddled society.

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However, by noon today, apprehension turned into joyous celebrations as news quickly spread that Rodjay is alive in hospital.

Phillipa Pommells, a cousin of Steadman, said the 20-year-old DJ was discharged from hospital this afternoon and is resting at home. She told Old Harbour News that her cousin suffered a serious head injury and was in coma for days.

“Based on what we have been told by the hospital he came out of coma Saturday,” Pommells said. “But he’s unable to remember anything before Saturday. He can’t even remember how he got to the hospital.”

She added: “He’s able to have conversation now… and can recognize people he knows. But he’s very tired. His face is still swollen and he has stitches above one eye and on his hand.”

Pommells also told Old Harbour News Steadman’s discovery was a stroke of luck. Late yesterday evening a female correctional officer, who was at the hospital, recognized the young man and immediately alerted the police.

Family members, including his mother, went to the KPH first thing this morning, erasing many days of long held fears.

The Old Harbour police have also confirmed the good news, while a fulsome report is being prepared.

“He didn’t have any form of identification on him, plus he lost his phone in the accident,” Pommells said.

Not having an ID arguably contributed to the lengthy delay in finding Steadman, as family members had gone to Spanish Town Hospital on the presumption that he could have been involved in that fatal car accident, Old Harbour News learned.

But the ‘what ifs’ will be discussed at another time; for now the family is just happy to know Rodjay is with them.

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