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UK Diaspora group donates medical supplies to Spring Village Clinic

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Nurse Paulette Simms (left) says the medical supplies were well needed while speaking to Jacqueline Banton (right), Geraldine Easy (2nd right) and Michelle Simpson (2nd left) Nurse Paulette Simms (left) says the medical supplies were well needed while speaking to Jacqueline Banton (right), Geraldine Easy (2nd right) and Michelle Simpson (2nd left) Old Harbour News Photo

The Spring Village Homecoming UK Chapter, on Friday donated approximately £600 worth of medical supplies to the Spring Village Clinic.

The official handing over of the primarily pharmaceutical goods took place at the clinic which opened to the community in 2013.

Jacqueline Banton, president of the United Kingdom Chapter, led a team of Jamaican-British nationals in making the presentation which could not have come sooner for a grateful Paulette Simms, resident nurse at the health facility.

Speaking to Old Harbour News afterwards, Nurse Simms said: “I want to say many, many thanks to you guys because we are actually out of everything. We were really scraping the bottom of the pot to reach where we want to go.

“You’ve brought a lot of stuff that is really well needed because I have persons in the community who really need these stuffs. I have some really large wounds to deal with… but with this that you’ve brought I know it will do much better.

“So again I really want to thank all those who put their hands and heart together in sending these to the Spring Village Medical Centre. Thank you very much.”

It is the biggest donation yet by the UK chapter of this Diaspora body of predominantly expats who also contribute monetarily on a monthly basis to assist with paying staff and managing the facility which forms part of the Spring Village Development Foundation. Since the clinic opened its doors to the community, keeping its doors open remains a continuous challenge said Randy Finnikin, executive director of the foundation.

“It’s a welcome one because sustaining this health and wellness centre is a big problem. We have no support other than support that is mobilized by the foundation. The (Spring Village Homecoming) UK Chapter’s contribution is big because most of what they’ve contributed is consumables and that goes very fast. This will certainly help with the sustainability issues that we have right now,” Finnikin told Old Harbour News.

“It cost us roughly £600 to £700 and that includes shipping,” said Banton following the presentation. “When we giving to the community we giving back to ourselves basically because we are a part of this community. This community is us. This is where we are from so whatever we’re doing we are doing it for ourselves. So it gives us a sense of pride, a sense of achievement and makes us feel really, really proud… and our endeavour is to continue to build the community.”

It was heartwarming listening to Nurse Simms, Banton added before urging others to give back to the community.

“I am pleased that we have been able to facilitate so that her job can be a little bit easier and do a better job in the sense that more people will be reached, there’ll be more supplies for individuals who really need it,” she said. “We are an inclusive group, so anybody who wants to be a part of this endeavour is welcome. You don’t have to be specifically from Spring Village to be part of what we are doing. It’s not exclusive.”

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