Monday, February 19, 2018

Kudos to councilor Steve Graham and the team, the annual Old Harbour Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony had a different flavor with the Evangelical Tabernacle Choir performing a series of popular carols.

Speakers kept it very short, while Graham urged constituents to live a life of peace, love and unity at a time when the constituency has been rocked by a record number of murders this year.

But the crowd this time around was arguably one of the smallest in recent memory. Many attributed this to the economy and high crime.

It’s a reality check for the policymakers. However, those present came to savour another moment of the Jamaican tradition.

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The Old Harbour Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will take place on December 17.

The historic traditional event takes place across many Jamaican towns and cities signalling the official start to the festive season.

Steve Graham, councillor of the Old Harbour Central Division, recently confirmed the date with Old Harbour News.

The decades-old ritual is one many citizens and businesses anticipate as streets are kept abuzz throughout the night and into the wee hours of the morning.

With schools scheduled to close for the holiday, children are usually out in their thousands along with parents.

For many the occasion is an opportunity to grab an early gift or purchase items on discount. And for others it's an event they look forward to every year along with family and friends.

Navigating the busy streets will also be a huge challenge for pedestrians and motorists, who urged to use alternate routes.

Meanwhile the police say several crime fighting measures will be deployed to ensure the safety and security of all during the ceremony and throughout the festive period.

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