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After making stops in Ocho Rios and Kingston, the ‘Now We No’ campaign for women’s awareness will be in Old Harbour this evening at Kaluga Kafe, where another eye-popping presentation is anticipated.

The movement, the brainchild of Nspire Network’s founders, seeks to raise awareness about the “harmful affects today’s sanitary napkins and tampons may have on women’s bodies”.

On the flipside Nspire Network have created its own line of product, called ‘Cherish Sanitary Napkin & Liners’, which they say is “saving the lives of women”. Presentation starts at 6:00 pm sharp. Because of limited seats available persons are urged to call 517-9502 or 465-3864 for reservation.

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Interim president of the Old Harbour Chamber of Commerce (OHCC) Adrian Samuda says the body will be robust in its efforts to have closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras installed in the town.

Samuda’s comments came following a meeting with members of the chamber and the St Catherine South Police high command at Kaluga Kafe on Tuesday.

The entrepreneur said the business community is very concerned after the recent killing of a vendor in the town centre during rush hour, which is the second such homicide in just over a year within the same proximity.

“We the business people of Old Harbour are willing to assist with the purchasing of the cameras because we believe in supporting any initiative that will protect or benefit our business and the lives of the citizens of this town.

“Having listened to the police we will now be writing to the St Catherine Parish Council and the National Works Agency with a view to see how best we can expedite the installation of these cameras which is of absolute necessity given the brazen killing in the town recently,” Samuda told Old Harbour News.

This is not the first time the issue of installing CCTV cameras in the town is being raised by the OHCC. Two years ago the matter was discussed with Supt. Carl Ferguson, then commander in charge of the Old Harbour Police Division and members of the business community.

Head of the St Catherine South Division, Senior Superintendent (SSP) Noel Christie, said he’s aware that the matter was raised then but indicated that achieving this goal requires full participation of key stakeholders namely the parish council and the National Works Agency (NWA).

He’s however urging the chamber to be resolute in their approach regarding installment of the cameras, which he believes is crucial in aiding the police.

“I know when Mr. Ferguson was here he’d gone as far as doing a site inspection as to where the cameras could be positioned. But as to the latest on that I can’t give you. I can’t say why it hasn’t been tied up as yet. They (Old Harbour Chamber of Commerce) would have to be very forceful, aggressive and assertive by going to the (St Catherine) Parish Council and the NWA who will play a vital role in it,” SSP Christie said.

CCTV cameras are said to be a very important tool used in many towns and cities all over the world in the fight against crime. They act as a deterrent and are often utilized to identify perpetrators.

Meantime, Samuda is urging the police to be more assertive as he’s of the view that the town feels less safe since the departure of Superintendent David White, who now heads the Westmoreland Police Division.

“As a business person I don’t get the feeling like I could walk to the bank with a million dollars,” said Samuda. “When Mr. White was here you felt like you could walk in the town with any amount of money at any time.”

White’s militant approach to policing drew commendation as well as condemnation from the general public, as he made a successful push restoring public order in the town space, ridding the streets of illegal vending and mitigating traffic congestion.

But according to Inspector Carey Duncan, head of operations for the Old Harbour Police Division, Samuda’s perception isn’t supported by the current statistics related to serious crimes being committed in the division.

Based on data presented at the meeting by Duncan major crimes, which include murder, shooting, robbery, break-in, aggravated assault, rape and larceny, has seen a 46 per cent decline in the division up to this time of the year when compared to the corresponding period of 2015.

Duncan reported that a combined total of 35 major crimes have been committed so far this year, a massive drop when compared with the 65 recorded the same time last year. Of the serious crimes recorded up to the end of May this year seven were murders, four involved shooting, 14 robberies were logged, six break-ins took place, and there were two incidents each for rape and larceny. The corresponding numbers for the same period last year showed nine murders, six shootings, 19 robberies, 23 break-ins, two aggravated assaults, four incidents of rape and two cases of larceny.

Earlier this week the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) reported a 10 per cent decline in major crimes committed nationally between January and June 4 with the corporate area and St Catherine showing the biggest reduction.

“When Mr. White left the division I knew that he’d left a big shoe to fill,” said Duncan. “As you are already aware we have a resource issue. For the most part the vendors have been conforming by selling inside the market, which has allowed us to shift some of the resources to other areas, which I believe has contributed to the reduction in the numbers we are seeing now.”

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Friday, 15 April 2016 10:56

Kaluga Kafe to fete children's homes

The Sunbeam Boys Home will once again be among the beneficiaries of Kaluga Kafe, as St Catherine’s top restaurant celebrates its second anniversary this month.

On April 17, between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:0 pm, the Kaluga team will be at the Spring Village Road-based state home for a day of fun titled ‘Hope: Helping other people excel’.

Another beneficiary is the Yadel Home For Girls at Bannister where 70 girls are currently being housed. The girls from Yadel will travel to the Sunbeam Boys Home for the festivities.

Adrian Samuda, chief executive officer, Kaluga Kafe said: “People who know me or following the Kaluga brand know that we are strong believers in giving back.

“Since Kaluga Kafe started we have looked at some of the institutions we can help and the Sunbeam Boys Home is one such institution that we believe is most deserving. They are now a part of the Kaluga Kafe project in terms of our corporate social responsibility. For the last several months we have been supplying them with meals once per month on a Sunday because we believe in helping others by giving people hope, that there’s a brighter future for them.

“We’ll be having fun and games and giveaways for the boys and girls, and we are encouraging all Kalugans to join us on this day to raise hope in the minds of these young men who can become men of substance later in life.

“So whatever contribution you can make or personal assistance in terms of your time, come on board with us on April 17. Let us help these boys and girls excel.”

Since opening its doors two years ago, Kaluga Kafe has quickly established itself as the top restaurant in St Catherine and is widely associated in the same group of Kingston’s finest chill spots in terms of food, ambiance and entertainment.

Persons interesting to participate can call 630-3418; 630-3458 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Wednesday, 30 December 2015 13:31

Strong finish to Kaluga Fashion Month

Comfy tops, exotic wears. Japanese street fashion and designs that make you CLAP. It’s the final edition of Kaluga Fashion Month at Kaluga Kafe, St Catherine’s premier restaurant based in Old Harbour. And what a climatic end it was, as Trudy-Ann Powell with her TruRebel Exotic Wear finished the night with a bang!

Loud cheers were reserved for Gary Richards’ CLAP Fashion. The May Pen-based designer’s fine artistry and finish is simply amazing, particularly his men’s wear. Earth colours seemed to be the preferred theme for CLAP Fashion which is an acronym for “celebrate, life and people”.

Richards has been designing for eight years now and is looking to expand the business with an online store.

“The inspiration is just simple thoughts, the surroundings from personal friends. We live by the acronym celebrate life and people (CLAP), so it’s simple. We don’t go far to get inspiration. We don’t need to go outside of the reverence of life itself.

“Three years from now we see ourselves as a world renowned brand.

“Every opportunity is enormous whether its 10 people, one person or a million, we give thanks for every opportunity,” said Richards.

Old Harbour’s lone representative on the final night, Keisha Banton, received huge applause for her Keisha Banton Designs Comfy Tops collection. The tops, specially priced at $2,000 each, are blouses suitable for a relaxed day out Banton explained.

“They are simple, sexy and comfortable everyday wear,” she said after having the honour of opening the Boxing Day show in front of a jam-packed audience. The 2012 Edna Manley College graduate says the aim was to showcase this specific collection which she has been working on for the last two months.

“Anything you want related to fashion I can design it for you for any occasion. Whether you are petite or plus size, it doesn’t matter I will make you stand out in any crowd, feeling confident and sexy,” Banton added.

Surprisingly, Powell has been designing less than a year but is just realizing her childhood passion coming to bear.

“My inspiration honestly is myself,” said Powell. “Myself is exotic and everybody love to feel sexy, every woman love to feel sexy, so I bring that out in my brand. I do female clothing generally but all exotic. It doesn’t have to be explicit but it must be exotic and sexy to me.”

Renea Brown put a Jamaican touch to her Japan Street Fashion concept titled Chudoku – meaning ‘addiction’ – which was also well received as well.

Kaluga Kafe chief executive officer (CEO) Adrian Samuda, who is the brainchild behind the event, said the show achieved its objectives.

“Like I’ve said before we want to promote and elevate all aspects of fashion. There are a lot of talented young people out there which was evident during the four nights of the show. But I was impressed most on the final night because we saw designs that can compete with the best in the world. My hope is that as Jamaicans we really support our own people more because these designers need our support and it is support that they deserve,” said Samuda, noting that the plan is to make Kaluga Fashion Month and annual showpiece.

“Food and fashion is a great blend and one of the things we at Kaluga try our endeavour best to do is strive to be number one by being creative and entertaining for our guests and Kalugans (regular customers). Kaluga Kafe is not just about food alone, we are about fun and entertainment too,” added Samuda.

Samuda was on point in every aspect there but the massive publicity created wasn’t lost on the designers either.

“On Behalf of all the designers I would like to publicly thank Adrian (Samuda) for this opportunity because it’s not often we as designers get opportunities likes this to showcase our skills. It really means a lot to us and I don’t think we can ever thank Adrian enough for creating such a platform for us,” said Banton.

Images courtesy of Ojay Cowan/Venum Entertainment

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Previously it was Daniel Dinnall who grabbed the headlines. But without doubt the penultimate Kaluga Fashion Month show, staged last Saturday, belonged to Alicia Clahar.

The 25-year-old designer, who models her own pieces as well, is clearly not afraid to push the proverbial envelope by being daring, edgy and appealing. Her sexy eye-popping white mesh beachwear turned quite a few heads on yet another good night for upcoming designers.

In front of a packed Kaluga Kafe, Clahar made good use of the opportunity showcasing her gift, a talent which she envisages to take her to higher heights.

“It was very, very important seeing that a lot of people that I don’t know get to see my stuffs and loving it,” Clahar told Old Harbour News afterwards, while adding the pieces displayed reflects her personality.

“I really see myself going far because I see myself as a very talented individual and winning even Mission Catwalk.”

Not to be outdone though was Daltonette Crawford, who made a statement of her own with her DeeBeaut Collection of custom-made bags suitable for any occasion and Roxanne Rose-Genas’s Be Beaded jewellery.

Crawford, an Edna Manley College graduate, began her craft making bags during moments of leisure, she told the audience. Soon her bags were in demand from friends and acquaintances and what was just a hobby of sort is now real business.

Fashion aside the night also celebrated with the Bowers, a Clarendon couple reflecting on 28 years of marriage and a group of teachers from Gimmie-mi-bit.

The curtains will come down on Kaluga Fashion Month on Boxing Day with four designers taking centre stage.

Show time is 9:00 pm.

Images courtesy of Andrae Henry of Datzryte Entertainment

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Just one year into fashion designing, young Daniel Dinnall is the prodigious type many experts would love to work with.

Last Saturday, the second edition of Kaluga Fashion Month, Dinnall showed that he has a bright future for someone who is still a novice.

“My mother always have machines from I was a kid, and mi always ask her to tek een mi pants, but she always tell me no, mi must go tek it een mi self. So I started to learn how to sew and then last year one of my friends died and I made a shirt to wear go to the funeral. From mi mek the shirt mi just fall in love with it and everything just start fall into place after that,” said Dinnall, who looks much younger than his two decades on earth.

Several of Dinnal’s pieces, which he designed and sewed himself, caught the eye of a captivated audience. His floral skirt suit and leather-inspired wares drew applause, deservedly so.

“I see myself taking my work to all over the world, doing stuff for Jamaican celebrities and then get into international markets. There is always room for improvement, and anything I design I always tell myself that I could have done better,” Dinnall told Old Harbour News afterwards.

The night also saw the return of Nicole Harris-Williams, who specializes in hand-made accessories such as earrings, bracelets, and chains among other trinkets crafted from shells, beads and other disposable items.

Harris-Williams, who has been quiet for a while, didn’t show any rust or lack of zest with her Nickaboo collections, some of which were made from recycled materials such as her leaf earrings.

“I always have a knack for making things from I was six years old and I always knew that one day I would have either a clothing line or an accessories line.

“Tonight was very, very exciting for me because I haven’t been able to show anything since 2012 and I really put my heart and soul in these pieces.

“I hope to make some more fabulous pieces, some more innovative stuffs. I’m looking forward going into that direction because if you recycle stuff we can do more to help the environment. My price range starts from as low as $200,” she said.

This month’s second edition saw the organizers incorporating a food presentation by Kaluga Kafe resident chef Keith Johnson, who prepared chicken teriyaki pasta in front of another good Saturday night crowd.

Again photographer Andrae Henry, with his shutterbug, was present to bring you highlights.

The event continues December 19 with exhibits from Alicia Clahar, Daltonette Crawford and Roxanne Rose-Genas.

Show time is 9:00 pm.

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Sunday, 06 December 2015 15:28

Kaluga Fashion Month up and running in style

The crowd never seemed to mind the late start despite the event getting off well beyond its 9:00 pm launch. But last night’s debut of Kaluga Fashion Month left fans in anticipation of what’s to come for the next three Saturdays in December.

Adrian Samuda, head of the popular eatery in Old Harbour, was spot on – fusing food with fashion. Almost every seat in the house was taken as diners wait to see collections from Julio Freeman, a resident of Bodles, and well known designer Christopher Maxam.

Freeman’s black and white theme represents the racial struggle in the United States, while Maxam pulled from his bugling closet, displaying his wide range of skills from avant garde to wedding gowns.

Of course Old Harbour News was there to capture the action through the lens of Andrae Henry.

“I think I made an impact. Hopefully my pieces stayed in minds of the guests. I think it went smoother than I thought,” Freeman later told Old Harbour News as the event ended after midnight.

“I was a bit hesitant. I didn’t have any collection ready because I’m preparing for Miss World with my seamstresses Claudia Barnes and Marlene Haylette. I felt the love from the people and the support. I think it’s a good venture for Kaluga and I think it’s a pretty good show for a start,” added Maxam, who is from Free Town, Clarendon.

Next show is December 12 with collections from Daniel Dinnal and Nicole Harris-Williams.

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Sunday, 08 November 2015 20:29

Taste the world at Kaluga Culinary Week 2015

Last year was perhaps a case of testing the waters. But this year is a sure shot. The 2015 Kaluga Culinary Week – November 14-21 – is intent on delivering sumptuous meals on a global platter with eight cuisines from eight different cultures around the world.

It’s that time of the year for the annual Restaurant Week. But again Kaluga Kafe isn’t part of the mix due to a number of factors that will be too much of a financial stress for the organizers. And like last year, Adrian Samuda, head honcho of St Catherine’s top restaurant is again flying solo on the island’s south coast.

“We did a similar thing like Restaurant Week where we did one menu for the entire week. But we want to give customers more this year and to create a greater competitive advantage over Restaurant Week,” said Samuda, who is aiming to make the Kaluga brand number one in the Caribbean.

Everything is an upgrade except the price and Samuda is mindful that these are difficult times financially for everyone. For $2,800, at your choice, a diner gets an appetizer, main course, dessert and beverage.

Operating under the theme ‘Taste the World’, expect an Indian invasion on the opening night for all curry and roti lovers. Next day try some torta cubana or enchiladas verdes if you favour some good Mexican delicacies. On day three live life large as if you are in Paris. Warm the appetite with soupe à l'oignon, have your best French wine provided by Campri and do not go home without experiencing the taste of chocolate soufflé. Hopping across the Atlantic the Kaluga team will take diners on a sojourn to the Mediterranean region, before journeying to the Far East to bring customers entrees from Japan and China. It’s all about Jamaica on the penultimate day, infused with several different “world dishes”, Samuda noted.

“So in one restaurant, one kitchen, one location customers will be getting eight different cuisines on eight different days. So every day you can come and taste something different,” he emphasized.

A strong entertainment package will cap the week-long event on notte Italiana with lovers of food from Milan or Rome having the chance to ignite their taste buds with some panzenella, caprese salad or panna cotta with raspberry coulis.

Resident chef Akeeli Dixon and the team live for occasions like these the Kaluga boss told Old Harbour News but there’s the possibility of a “guest chef” appearing.

“The kitchen team is very versatile. We might pick a dish from Russia but we infuse it with Jamaica. Just like our jerk pork. It’s not done the regular Jamaican way we infuse it with something else to make it different. So it has the Jamaican smoke and flavour but it’s not done the traditional way,” explained Samuda regarding day seven, earmarked as Jamaica Infused night.

He added: “The music will be a representation of the different nights. We looking to create a feel as much as possible of the regions we’ll be representing each night.”

For a company that opened its doors in April 2014, Kaluga Kafe has created an image that is appealing to every strata in society – not just Old Harbour but throughout the country – racking up rave reviews from all over. For Samuda, the sky is the limit.

“Culinary Week last year was good. We sold over 70 menus for that week. But this year we are looking to triple that. The brand has grown, there’s more awareness. We started out wanted to be the best chill spot in Old Harbour… we achieved that easily in less than a year. We are now the best in St Catherine and based on positioning we are not just a St Catherine brand we have become a Jamaica brand. Where we are at now there is still a lot to be done. But the brand is a solid brand,” he said.


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Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) David White says he’ll be taking a zero tolerance approach to restore order to the town of Old Harbour.

White, who replaced DSP Rose Curate, as head of the Old Harbour Police Division listed illegal vending, traffic congestion, entertainment events, bars, and of course, persons involved in criminal activities, as his main areas of focus.

Speaking at a meeting on August 4 with the Old Harbour Chamber of Commerce (OHCC), DSP White said at least for the next six months his team will be unrelenting in pursuits of its objectives.

With 25 years of service in the Jamaica Constabulary Force, he said: “We can’t have vendors selling on the street and taking up the sidewalk which forces pedestrians to walk on the roads and then the traffic will start to backup and then we have problems with those traffic congestions. Therefore, those issues will have to be dealt with.

“What it does is to create a problem where the police having to respond to a crime are unable to move easily from the station to wherever those critical incidents occurred. So we have to treat these issues so it is safe for the police, it is safe for the citizens to move to and fro.”

Already one week at his new location, DSP White along with his operations officer, Inspector Carey Duncan, have hit the ground running with several vendors and motorists charged for numerous breaches.

For many persons DSP White’s utterances, and indeed actions, are most welcome, but to others it’s a case of the ‘system’ fighting against them to prevent them from earning a living.

Though the situation is more cultural throughout the country, the top cop noted Old Harbour’s case to be a bit different primarily due to its rapid expansion.

“It is unique somewhat. Because it is such a small community, the type of traffic, the type of crime, the type of vending is just like the urban communities,” he told Old Harbour News after meeting with members of the business community at Kaluga Kafe.

During the meeting DSP White, flanked by Insp. Duncan, woman Sgt. Princess Bayliss-Ranger and woman Constable Shanesa Baker, reported that so far 12 murders have been committed in the division since the start of the year. He also stated that robberies in the division were at unacceptable levels, though no data was provided.

Keeping in line with the force’s strategic approach to granting permits for entertainment events, he said a risk assessment will be conducted first before approval. Bars operating without a spirit licence will be ordered closed, while violators will be prosecuted if they fail to comply.

A meeting involving representatives from the St Catherine Parish Council and the vendors has been arranged already with a view to resolving the issues of improper lighting and inadequate sanitary facility inside the market.

According to DSP White a date is being looked at for the police to meet with promoters of entertainment events, as it is largely felt that many of the breaches committed is due to ignorance. It is a view shared by Fabian Donaldson and Fitzroy Gouldbourne, two of Old Harbour’s most renowned party promoters, who were present at the meeting.

But there are other issues that DSP White says make the job of policing more difficult, citing insufficient manpower, office space, a station that is derelict and a vehicle fleet that stands at five.

Coming to Old Harbour is a culture shock DSP White admitted, having spent the majority of his time in the force at the Commissioner’s HQ and the Constant Spring Police Station.

But as a results-driven officer, he and his team are committed to the challenge, he said while stressing the importance of having the support of the business community.

“We believe that we would have garnered some partnership with the business community. We want to have that working relationship where we both can work together to treat with the crime situation and all other issues with the Old Harbour community,” he said.

“One of my legacies… I’d love to be remembered for developing a mechanism to control traffic and also reduce the murder rate and also have citizens operating in a legal way in terms of selling their goods as they do so in the market.”

Adrian Samuda, interim president of the OHCC, says the business community in Old Harbour stands ready to support the police in whatever way that will protect the interest of businesses and the people of Old Harbour.


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“Maximize your business partnerships by nurturing your relationships and by giving great service regardless of the pay grade,” remarked Mark Croskery, CEO and president of Stocks and Securities Ltd (SSL).

Those words of advice were shared during the Old Harbour Chamber of Commerce Business Mingle where Croskery was the keynote speaker at the event held at Kaluga Kafe.

When extending his invitation to Croskery, Adrian Samuda, president of the Old Harbour Chamber of Commerce, shared that he wanted an energetic, young, and prosperous businessman to share his story while inspiring others in Old Harbour to focus on growing local business in the community.

Having served in the Jamaican financial sector for over a decade, 33-year-old Croskery was an obvious choice.

Croskery spoke of his early years as a leading wealth manager and equity trader at National Commercial Bank Capital Markets Ltd and noted the importance of not only building but also maintaining relationships.

“Meeting people and building relationships does not happen overnight. When people ask me what is one of the secrets to a successful company, I simply tell them that it was my summer jobs that got me here today. Whether people opt for summer jobs in high school or in college, I can’t over emphasize the importance of hands-on experience,” he told an audience of approximately 70 young and also established entrepreneurs largely from the Old Harbour business community.

“But whatever you do, be open... throw yourselves into learning more about that business and how you as a representative of that company can serve your clientele,” added Croskery, who is a member of the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Croskery, a native of the United States of America, also spoke of a recent job fair SSL hosted at the University of the West Indies where over 160 students were interviewed for sales positions for the roll-out of SSL’s new products. He noted that many of these students were very entrepreneurial and dreamed of starting their own companies.

“I was fascinated to see how these students and aspiring job seekers were educating themselves through YouTube and utilizing the various online platforms to start their own businesses. One particular example that stood out in my mind was a young man who decided to sell false hair through social media. He did not have to pay as much overheads as his peers on brick and mortar,” he said.

This is only one of the fun stories that Croskery shared during the business mingle.

The CEO said that this experience not only gave him hope in Jamaica’s youth but also inspired him to think about increasing the offerings at Stocks and Securities Ltd.

This is the first time Croskery is coming to Old Harbour for a business event and at the conclusion of the mingle he admitted to Old Harbour News that he has been blown away by the experience.

“It’s been just a really rewarding experience. It’s just amazing seeing so many young business people. The chamber of commerce out here seems very vibrant and I like the age group, it’s very youthful and it’s just impressive,” said Croskery, who has served on a number of public sector boards despite his young age.

“Seeing so many people from Old Harbour are starting businesses and the age that they’re at I think that’s what gonna really build confidence in the country,”

In light of the hard economic times the country is experiencing now, he said he was impressed by some of the businesses around Old Harbour, listing Kaluga Kafe and Old Harbour News as two businesses that stood out in his mind.

Croskery who is a director on the Board of the Jamaica Stock Exchange said: “In my 11 years of working in Jamaica I have never seen it so difficult for young entrepreneurs to get a start in their own business. Whether it is to access credit, capital, or even business advice, as young professionals we really need to come together and pool our knowledge and assets. I am hoping that in the future, SSL Group’s management team can conceptualize a product or a concept that is regulated that can assist young people with acquiring the necessary start-up capital. Until we get this going members of the SSL Foundation will continue to be active in mentoring students and young people in general on things that we sometimes take for granted.”


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