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Kaluga Kafe to fete children's homes

The Sunbeam Boys Home will once again be among the beneficiaries of Kaluga Kafe, as St Catherine’s top restaurant celebrates its second anniversary this month.

On April 17, between the hours of 10:00 am and 4:0 pm, the Kaluga team will be at the Spring Village Road-based state home for a day of fun titled ‘Hope: Helping other people excel’.

Another beneficiary is the Yadel Home For Girls at Bannister where 70 girls are currently being housed. The girls from Yadel will travel to the Sunbeam Boys Home for the festivities.

Adrian Samuda, chief executive officer, Kaluga Kafe said: “People who know me or following the Kaluga brand know that we are strong believers in giving back.

“Since Kaluga Kafe started we have looked at some of the institutions we can help and the Sunbeam Boys Home is one such institution that we believe is most deserving. They are now a part of the Kaluga Kafe project in terms of our corporate social responsibility. For the last several months we have been supplying them with meals once per month on a Sunday because we believe in helping others by giving people hope, that there’s a brighter future for them.

“We’ll be having fun and games and giveaways for the boys and girls, and we are encouraging all Kalugans to join us on this day to raise hope in the minds of these young men who can become men of substance later in life.

“So whatever contribution you can make or personal assistance in terms of your time, come on board with us on April 17. Let us help these boys and girls excel.”

Since opening its doors two years ago, Kaluga Kafe has quickly established itself as the top restaurant in St Catherine and is widely associated in the same group of Kingston’s finest chill spots in terms of food, ambiance and entertainment.

Persons interesting to participate can call 630-3418; 630-3458 or email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The Spring Village Homecoming UK Chapter, on Friday donated approximately £600 worth of medical supplies to the Spring Village Clinic.

The official handing over of the primarily pharmaceutical goods took place at the clinic which opened to the community in 2013.

Jacqueline Banton, president of the United Kingdom Chapter, led a team of Jamaican-British nationals in making the presentation which could not have come sooner for a grateful Paulette Simms, resident nurse at the health facility.

Speaking to Old Harbour News afterwards, Nurse Simms said: “I want to say many, many thanks to you guys because we are actually out of everything. We were really scraping the bottom of the pot to reach where we want to go.

“You’ve brought a lot of stuff that is really well needed because I have persons in the community who really need these stuffs. I have some really large wounds to deal with… but with this that you’ve brought I know it will do much better.

“So again I really want to thank all those who put their hands and heart together in sending these to the Spring Village Medical Centre. Thank you very much.”

It is the biggest donation yet by the UK chapter of this Diaspora body of predominantly expats who also contribute monetarily on a monthly basis to assist with paying staff and managing the facility which forms part of the Spring Village Development Foundation. Since the clinic opened its doors to the community, keeping its doors open remains a continuous challenge said Randy Finnikin, executive director of the foundation.

“It’s a welcome one because sustaining this health and wellness centre is a big problem. We have no support other than support that is mobilized by the foundation. The (Spring Village Homecoming) UK Chapter’s contribution is big because most of what they’ve contributed is consumables and that goes very fast. This will certainly help with the sustainability issues that we have right now,” Finnikin told Old Harbour News.

“It cost us roughly £600 to £700 and that includes shipping,” said Banton following the presentation. “When we giving to the community we giving back to ourselves basically because we are a part of this community. This community is us. This is where we are from so whatever we’re doing we are doing it for ourselves. So it gives us a sense of pride, a sense of achievement and makes us feel really, really proud… and our endeavour is to continue to build the community.”

It was heartwarming listening to Nurse Simms, Banton added before urging others to give back to the community.

“I am pleased that we have been able to facilitate so that her job can be a little bit easier and do a better job in the sense that more people will be reached, there’ll be more supplies for individuals who really need it,” she said. “We are an inclusive group, so anybody who wants to be a part of this endeavour is welcome. You don’t have to be specifically from Spring Village to be part of what we are doing. It’s not exclusive.”

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A man was this afternoon chased and caught by the police who seized a Taurus 9mm handgun loaded with 11 rounds.

This happened in Spring Village at about 4:00 pm when the operational support unit from the Old Harbour Police, with four police personnel on board, was patrolling the area when a man was seen exiting a motor car.

Having seen the police the man started behaving abnormal, raising the suspicion of the police, said Sgt Junior Miller of the Old Harbour Police.

The police approached the man who ran. The police gave chase until the man, who is from Clarendon and believed to be in his 20s, was cornered in the kitchen of a house. He had a bag which was searched and the gun discovered. He was taken into custody where formal charges will be laid against him and a court date issued.

Today’s seizure is the third gun taken off the street by the Old Harbour police in four days. On Tuesday morning a .38 revolver with four rounds was discovered in a community near the town centre. This weapon, the police theorized was used to rob a business established on Monday evening which saw citizens teaming with the police in chasing the suspected robber who has been held. A shotgun was also found in the Marlie Mount area on Wednesday.

This week’s finds have been credited to joint efforts of the domestic and operational support unit of the Old Harbour Police.

The police continue to encourage members to utilize the various available channels to report illegal weapons, wanted persons or suspicious individuals in their communities.


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The National Water Commission (NWC) says regular water supply should return by day’s end to customers attached to the Marlie Mount and Spring Garden pumps.

Both systems are down due to electrical problems Old Harbour News has been reliably informed.

NWC engineers are currently working assiduously to rectify the issue as soon as possible, as several communities have been without water between the last 12 to 48 hours.

The NWC regrets the inconvenience the disruption in supply has caused.

Some of the affected communities are Spring Village, Nightingale Grove, Island Farm, Gutters, Lloyd’s Pen, Church, Marlie Mount, Old Harbour Villa and Gordon Wood.


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The Jamaican Foundation for Lifelong Learning and the Spring Village Development Foundation and Training Institute have signed a Memorandum of understanding to bring the JFLL’s High School Diploma Equivalency programme to the Spring Village, St. Catherine community


The new partnership will enable the community to access the HSDE programme beginning almost immediately with 30 Spring Village Training Institute (SVTI) trainees wishing to access the HSDE to sharpen their basic and intermediate literacy skills to advance the skills training they are currently undertaking.

According to JFLL Executive Director Worrell Hibbert “Partnerships are vital to JFLL securing the educational goals set by the Honourable Minister of Education… We don’t have the resources to reach everywhere we are needed. But other people are already there; we are seeking them out to build a bigger network of educational partners.”

In welcoming the SVTI to the JFLL’s team of Volunteer Adult Learning Centres, JFLL Executive Director Worrell Hibbert commended them for their efforts and added “We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the SVTI. As a part of the support of this new partner we will be forming a joint committee to ensure the smooth execution of the project, pooling our joint expertise to serve the Spring Village and surrounding communities.”

The partnership will see JFLL making its curriculum, teacher training and other capabilities to SVTI. This will create a second chance to education and training for many of the area’s youth who did not excel in the formal school systems.

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Sunday, 15 February 2015 11:45

Village road springs new hope

A team of community members has been tasked with responsibility to clean the Spring Village Road which was officially declared open during a ceremony near Gutters last Wednesday.

“In good spirit of cooperation the Jamaica Broilers Group and the community network to have a team of men and one woman whose full-time job every day of the week is to sweep the street, clean the embankment and to remove the solid waste,” said Executive Director of the Spring Village Foundation Randy Finnikin, who will supervise the team.

The pronouncements received unanimous applause from key government officials such as Dr Omar Davies, Minister of Transport, Works and Housing; Chairman of the Jamaica Broilers Group Robert Levy and St Catherine South West Member of Parliament Evarald Warmington.

“Since the road was completed last year (December) the team would have met and we’ve agreed to do what is possible to ensure that the waterways on this new stretch is cleared at least once per month to ensure that the road isn’t undermined,” added Finnikin.

It is a signal of a new paradigm for citizens taking greater responsibility in caring for their community, stated communications and customer service manager at the National Works Agency (NWA) Stephen Shaw who regarded the move as a model for other communities across Jamaica.

Wednesday’s ceremony represented a culmination of a process that begun in 2011 and is a joint effort between the State and the Jamaica Broilers Group which enabled the rehabilitation of approximately 1.1km stretch of roadway valued at $20 million with JB Group contributing $10 million.

Flag-bearing supporters of both political parties were out in their numbers but Dr Davies was quick to point out that the project was non-partisan.

The contribution of the Jamaica Broilers Group was lauded in every sense with Dr Davies indicating that more public-private partnerships such as this are a sure way of getting more development done.

“From my perspective I don’t care who owns the project as long as the people in the community benefit and the Broilers plant benefit. So it’s a win, win project for everyone. We recognize the problems. We get reports on what issues need to factor in. But the stark reality is that the financing which we have at our disposal is simply not adequate to respond to every need identified. And to the extent that we have public minded companies such as Jamaica Broilers we can immediately seek to alleviate this depression and distress in which many communities suffer,” Dr Davies said.

The Spring Village Road has been the scene of many a demonstration in the past and though grateful for its completion the Member of Parliament was quick to highlight that the entire project itself is still incomplete.

Warmington said: “I want to thank the PS (Permanent Secretary Audrey Sewell), Mr. EG Hunter (CEO, NWA) and the minister. They have accommodated myself and Councillor Mark O’Connor in several meetings just to have this stretch of road complete. I also thank Mr. (Robert) Levy and the Jamaica Broilers family for partnering with the government in providing 50 per cent of the cost to complete this road. I hope that we could have more businesses like Jamaica Broilers to partner with the government so we can have more done for the country. A company like Jamaica Broilers doesn’t think about making profit for themselves but is a company that thinks about the people that they serve and the people of the community that their lives can be better and they need to be commended for that.”

“We have achieved something today but I wish to remind the minister that the task is not yet completed because among these we have the Bushy Park Road to be completed, we have Rock Stone Road to be completed and we have Brethren Town to be completed because they were part of process then,” he added.

Levy was arguably the most excited person on this day as the deplorable road then was affecting precious production at his Best Dressed Chicken Processing Plant.

“Today I can only say that it is worth every bit of the 20 years… and it has been worth the 50 per cent share with the government. We now have a new road that represents the industry at the top of the road,” the JB Group Chairman said during a lively remark spiced with plenty banter.

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