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PHOTO: Madman locked himself in ATM

A man of unsound mind locked himself in an automated teller machine (ATM) in Old Harbour, sparking drama amongst passersby.

The drama, which lasted for roughly 30 minutes, unfolded at about 11:00 AM yesterday when persons in the line noticed the unusual length of time being taken by the individual inside the Scotiabank ATM.

Persons in the queue only became aware that the user inside is mentally challenged or a madman in Jamaican parlance, when one man in the line made a quick peep over the top.

The immediate reaction was mixed as while some persons burst out into laughter, others cut a frustrated figure because the deranged individual had also locked himself inside.

Some persons banged the door, yelling at the man to get out but he responded by shouting that he was “waiting on mi money!”.

Cops at the Old Harbour Police Station, adjacent to the bank, were called in to address the delicate situation with due consideration given not to damage the bank’s property or hurt the man inside.

The cops eventually managed to use a piece of 2”x4” board to prised the door open and lift the latch inside.

The man ran out shouting “officer nuh lick mi, a mi money mi want” to the amusement of onlookers.

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