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Monday, 06 November 2017 15:01

PHOTO: Madman locked himself in ATM

A man of unsound mind locked himself in an automated teller machine (ATM) in Old Harbour, sparking drama amongst passersby.

The drama, which lasted for roughly 30 minutes, unfolded at about 11:00 AM yesterday when persons in the line noticed the unusual length of time being taken by the individual inside the Scotiabank ATM.

Persons in the queue only became aware that the user inside is mentally challenged or a madman in Jamaican parlance, when one man in the line made a quick peep over the top.

The immediate reaction was mixed as while some persons burst out into laughter, others cut a frustrated figure because the deranged individual had also locked himself inside.

Some persons banged the door, yelling at the man to get out but he responded by shouting that he was “waiting on mi money!”.

Cops at the Old Harbour Police Station, adjacent to the bank, were called in to address the delicate situation with due consideration given not to damage the bank’s property or hurt the man inside.

The cops eventually managed to use a piece of 2”x4” board to prised the door open and lift the latch inside.

The man ran out shouting “officer nuh lick mi, a mi money mi want” to the amusement of onlookers.

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An Old Harbour businessman, who was stabbed by a ‘loader man’ on Emancipation Day, is angry at the police after learning that his attacker was released from police custody and that the police didnt seek to get a statement from him.

Clearly upset by the news, the businessman said the police have given his attacker the freedom to hunt him down.

The man, who has requested for his identity not to be released, spent four days in hospital recuperating after he was stabbed and chased by man who assists bus operators in getting the public to use their service.

According to the businessman, it was the intervention of a police officer that perhaps prevented him from certain death as the officer accosted his attacker, while he was placed in a police vehicle and rushed to hospital.

The Old Harbour Police have confirmed the incident.

The incident unfolded at about 6:30 pm at the intersection of East Street and Ascott Drive, said the businessman who was aboard a coaster bus with his two sons – both under the age of 12. He said he was sitting at the back of the bus when the conductor instructed him to let one of the boys sit in his lap to accommodate an adult passenger. This he flatly refused, triggering an argument involving himself, the conductor and the loader man. The driver of the bus would interject before ordering the businessman to get off the bus. He complied, however, perhaps in solidarity, other passengers immediately follow suit and disembarked from the bus.

The argument continued he said while awaiting another bus during which the loader man took a knife from the conductor and stabbed him in the abdomen. Realizing the gravity of the situation he said he had no choice but to abandoned his boys and run for his life as he was being chased by the man who stabbed him and another man believed to also be a loader man.

“The reason why them never catch me is because me use a couple stones to ease them off,” the injured man told Old Harbour News while pointing to the wound which had five stitches.

Luckily a police man intervened, grabbing his attacker.

Having been released from hospital he went to the Old Harbour Police Station Monday to lodge a formal complaint during which he was informed that his attacker was released.

A check at the station by Old Harbour News confirmed this was true, however a police officer who didn’t want to be identified said the reason for releasing the accused is that the state would have violated the rights of the individual should they keep him in lockup for more than 48 hours without charge. The accused is also well known to the police.

However, an experienced officer in the constabulary disagrees, arguing that the arresting officer blundered badly and could have obtained an order by way of a power of a Justice of the Peace, granting further detention until statements are collected from the victim.

Investigation continues.

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Bodles FC’s player Dave Bertram is dead after armed thugs shot him at his Sandy Bay, Clarendon home yesterday afternoon.

Information reaching Old Harbour News is that the shooting incident occurred at about 2:30 pm when Bertram, 29, was called out by men on a bike. Upon approaching the men, Bertram was shot twice in the lower abdomen. The men escaped while Bertram was pronounced dead at the May Pen Hospital.

An attacking player who plays forward or in an advance midfield role, Bertram was instrumental, as he scored in the final, in helping Bodles lift the St Catherine Division One title while gaining promotion to next season’s St Catherine Major League.

Club manager Devon Brown, says the players and management staff are still shock and in complete disbelief.

“The entire Bodles Football Club in mourning right now,” Bodles told Old Harbour News. “Everybody who knows Dave knows that Dave is a very jovial person; him full of jokes and laugh for everything. We don’t know Dave as an aggressive person who is into any form of violence. But it’s really sad. We all are mourning and we just want the family to stay strong.”

An officer attached to the May Pen Police Station has confirmed the incident before informing Old Harbour News that investigators are peicing together whatever evidence they can garner at this time with the hope of solving another heinous crime in the parish.

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Thursday, 31 March 2016 17:34

Police still hunting Marlie Mount robber

The Old Harbour police say they are still hunting the accomplice of Romario Patterson, who is in lockup in connection with the March 11, 2016 robbery in Marlie Mount St Catherine.

Patterson, who is charged with two counts of robbery and carrying an offensive weapon, is scheduled for a second court appearance at the Old Harbour Resident Magistrate after he was denied bail recently.

Police information is that Patterson, 18, of a Wellside Lane address and another young man robbed two females who were walking along Marlie Drive at about 9:20 pm.

The victims were robbed of their mobile phones among other personal items.

But fortunately for the women, immediately after they were robbed, a team of police on vehicular patrol was in the vicinity and were alerted to their cause.

A running gun battle ensued minutes later, following which Patterson was caught but his partner in crime escaped.

Patterson was identified by the victims who recovered some of their belongings.

His accomplice is said to be known by the police and is facing additional charges including shooting and robbery with aggravation.

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Traffic came to a standstill following a molasses spill in the vicinity of Orange Lane along the Old Harbour Road.

This happened when the tank laden with the commodity being transported by a truck, burst open on the busy thoroughfare.

The incident took place about 12 noon today causing traffic pileup at either end of the road for more than two hours while firefighters from Old Harbour and Spanish Town clean the area to prevent any accidents.

No one was injured, Sgt David Sheriff of the Old Harbour traffic department, told Old Harbour News, while the cause behind the burst tanker is yet to be established.

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Friday, 06 November 2015 14:39

Police capture Aviary serial robber

A serial robber who preys upon females in Aviary has been charged with two counts of robbery and is to face an identification parade for a number of additional robberies.

The man, whose identity cannot be released at this time, was accosted by police Wednesday evening of this week along the Bodles main road shortly after a woman was held up and robbed in the community.

It is understand that the robber has been plaguing the area for the better part of this year with all reports coming from ladies who were walking alone at the time.

Based on a number of reports from the victims they were all held up at gun point and their belongings taken away from them. One victim complained of being slapped by the robber, head of the Old Harbour CIB Inspector Jermaine Anglin said.

Anglin said the robber didn’t have a set timeframe in which he would carry out his criminal acts, which made it difficult for the police to apprehend him.

No gun was found when the robber was held Wednesday night, Anglin said.


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Thursday, 05 November 2015 18:24

Police nab Old Harbour wanted man in St Mary

A wanted man from the community of Island Farm who has been a fugitive for the last two months was nabbed by police operatives in Gayle, St Mary on October 29.

Jevoy Saunders, 27, who is wanted for the September 16, 2015 murder of 45-year-old farmer Michael Clarke of the said community, was held by police in the parish based on information supplied by investigators attached to the Old Harbour Police Station.

He was formally charged last night and given a date to appear in court, Detective Inspector Jermaine Anglin told Old Harbour News

Police information is that at about 8:10 am on the day in question, Saunders, also known as ‘Valdo’ had an argument with Clarke regarding a parcel of ‘capture land’ in the community. Saunders then left the scene and returned with a gun which he used to shot Clarke, who died while undergoing treatment at hospital.

See related article here: Island Farm man killed during land dispute


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Thursday, 05 November 2015 18:16

Two prison escapees recaptured, gun recovered

A gun belonging to a licence firearm holder from Old Harbour was recently recovered in Wait-a-Bit, Trelawny by investigators assigned to the Old Harbour Police.

According to the police, the owner of the gun was relieved of his weapon during a robbery in Claremont Heights a few weeks ago. However, acting on intelligence, the detectives were led to the south east area of Trelawny where the gun was discovered.

Two of three men who escaped from the Linstead Police Station during the summer have been arrested in connection with the robbery. Their names have been withheld as they’re yet to be formally charged.

The three prisoners, who had escaped on July 15, were then identified by police as Steven Burke, Odane Walker and Clayton Williams.

Burke is on a charge of robbery with aggravation; Walker for housebreaking and larceny, while Williams is indicted on a robbery charge.


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The mother of 14-year-old Central High School student Leslie-Ann Haslam is still at a loss since the teenager was reported missing last week.

Haslam, who is from the Indian community of Bushy Park some five miles east of Old Harbour, St Catherine, was last seen on Heroes Day (Monday, October 19, 2015) at about 4:30 pm in the Old Harbour region.

Her mother Patrena Haslam broke down in tears while speaking to Old Harbour News last night at the Old Harbour Police Station.

She has lost her appetite for food, she said, while she finds sleeping to be more of a nightmare as she desperately hopes for her only daughter – the second of two children – to return home.

On the day Leslie-Ann went missing she made a routine trip to Old Harbour Bay where she collected money sent by her father who works in the United States, the mother discloses. Like most mothers, Patrena would make periodical check-ups via mobile phone with her daughter, whom she has an “excellent relationship” with. In the afternoon Patrena called her daughter again.

“She left the house at exactly 1:44 pm. I remember the time because I looked at the clock when she was walking out of the house. At 4:38 pm to be exact I called Leslie-Ann and I said ‘Leslie, where are you?’ She said she was in a bus coming to Gutters. So I said ‘why are you in a bus?’ and she said ‘mommy I didn’t see any taxi and it’s drizzling’. And that was the last thing I have heard from Leslie,” the mother recounted.

She said support from the police and family and friends have been tremendous so far but her mind will not be eased until she sees her daughter again.

“I’m still living in hope,” she said, her voice cracking, her eyes watery. “I haven’t touched anything in her room because I believe that she will return home to come and fix them how she would like.”

Patrena describes her daughter, who aspires to become a nurse, as loving and civil but one that isn’t easily befriended.

An Ananda Alert has been activated since the family made an official report to the police.

Leslie-Ann is of Indian descent, brown complexion, slim build, and is about 165 centimetres (4 feet 3 inches) tall. She was dressed in a white spaghetti strap blouse, black jeans pants, and black slippers and was carrying a red and black bag.

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Monday, 12 October 2015 15:07

Man shot 12 times in Old Harbour Bay murder

A 30 year-old man from Old Harbour Bay was shot dead yesterday morning by unknown assailants.

Dead is Zico Williams, who was shot 12 times in the upper body in a section of the community known as Bay Bottom at about 10:45 am.

Allegations are that some 24 hours prior to the killing of Williams, otherwise called Sion, he was involved in an argument with another person(s) from the community. It is further alleged that an official complaint was then lodged at the police regarding a threat made by Williams.

Old Harbour News was informed by the police that officer went in search of Williams to advise him against executing the allege threats but was unable to locate him.

Investigators are yet to establish a motive behind the killing of Williams which is the second in two months in the Old Harbour Bay Division.

Investigations continue.


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