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Six high school basketball teams will do battle in the inaugural Kevon Godfrey Memorial Invitational set for December 16.

The one-day event will be played at the Old Harbour High and Old Harbour Church of Christ basketball courts with the latter hosting the semi-finals and final.

Participating teams are placed in two groups of three; teams play each other twice with the top two advancing to the semi-finals.

Start time for the under-16 tournament is 8:30 am with Jamaica College, Old Harbour High and Knox College drawn together in Group 1, while in Group 2 Calabar, Dinthill Technical and Manchester High will compete for top honours at the Church of Christ court.

The tournament organizers have adopted the ‘old school format’ which uses two 14-minute halves and running time, meaning the game clock only stop for free throws and when making an inbound pass.

At the end of tournament, the winner will walk away with the main prize of a trophy, medals and laptop computer

The final is set to get underway at 5:30 pm under lights. Admission is free.

Chief organizer Ricardo Edwards says the tournament will benefit the players in many ways.

“As the name suggest the tournament is in honour of Kevon Godfrey, who was a very talented basketball player but became ill and unfortunately died a few months ago. Kevon was part of the Old Harbour High team that won the National Under-16 title a few years ago. He was only 12 years old at the time,” Edwards told Old Harbour News.

Edwards, the current coach at Old Harbour High, added: “The tournament is another outlet for more basketball to be played. It is also a precursor for the teams who are all in the quarter-finals in their respective zones of the national competition which is on a break now before resuming in January. So it will really prepare the teams when the competition resumes and I am expecting an improvement in the overall quality of play going forward from these teams.”

He said he’s grateful for the support from corporate Old Harbour particularly O-Jay Koolers and Benson’s Pharmacy, but would like to see more businesses come on board and support the initiative which will be an annual event.

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Monday, 09 October 2017 13:58

PHOTO: Sneakers and jerseys

Another group of boys, all with a passion for the sport of basketball, received sneakers and jerseys courtesy of an initiative organized by some Jamaicans based in the United States of America.

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The distribution took place last Saturday morning at the Kevon Godfrey Basketball Academy (formerly Old Harbour Basketball Academy).

It’s the latest round of distribution exercise carried out by Ricardo Edwards, co-founder of the academy.

The sneakers drive came about after close pals Barrington Bonitto and Gary Thomas heard of the plight of Jamaican kids who have a keen interest in the sport.

Over 150 pairs of sneakers – both new and slightly worn – were allocated and shipped to Jamaica where youngsters attached to Old Harbour High School, Jamaica College and the Kevon Godfrey Academy benefited.

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Former Old Harbour High school student Kevon Godfrey died peacefully in the United States of America after a tough battle with cancer.

Last year the 16-year-old earned a basketball scholarship to Redemption Christian Academy in Boston, Massachusetts after his talent was spotted by US scouts.

At six feet, three inches, Godfrey, who grew up in the Marlie Acres community of Old Harbour had a bright future ahead of him. He had dreams of playing in the NBA, a promise he made to his mother who was by his beside in his final moments on August 5 at the Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in New York.

In his first few months at Redemption, Godfrey received the worst news anyone could possibly hear. He was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his right knee – a rare kind of cancer that grows in connective tissue cells.

Such tumors are most common in the bones, muscles, tendons, cartilage, nerves, fat and blood vessels of the arms and legs in humans, according to several medical journals online.

Michael Williams (left) with Kevon Godfrey in hospital recently

Mere months in his new environment in Boston, the young point guard felt what was first thought to be a simple pain that would disappear with a little rest and some over-the-counter cream. But the niggling pain just would not go away.

Further assessment by doctors, would, however, confirm Godfrey’s worst fears. So aggressive was the tumor amputation was the best option.

Rather than losing hope, Godfrey, who accepted Christ as Lord and Saviour and was baptized in the summer of 2016 at the Church of Christ in his community, found renewed strength and vigor from within.

“He was unperturbed by his illness,” Ricardo Edwards, high school coach and mentor, told Old Harbour News. “He was thinking of becoming a coach and how he could represent Jamaica at the Special Olympics Games.”

“While he was experiencing all this, he was very upbeat. We were the ones who were worried about his condition,” Edwards added.

Redemption Christian Academy was convinced by his doubtless talent and remained hopeful that he would become an important asset to its basketball programme.

But so too was Concordia University. The Lutheran-operated church offered the young believer an honorary scholarship even while hospitalized and without any surety of a possible turn around.

His immeasurable faith was a true testimony to those around him and those who came in passing conversation with him. Without doubt his family, friends and community have lost a beautiful soul who inspired them all.

“I saw Kevon for the last time three days ago; my heart is in pain to see a child's dream taken away. I have lost a basketball son. Word cannot express what I am feeling. He fought a courageous battle with mom Sharon Hemley at his side. I saw greatness in Kevon and felt the need to help him to fulfill his dream,” said Jamaican-born African American Michael Williams, another one of Kevon’s mentors.

Kevon Godfrey diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his right knee – a rare kind of cancer.

Writing on Facebook, Dr Mark Broomfield, president of the Jamaica Basketball Association, commented: “I am really saddened by his death but I am motivated by the strength of his mother and this young man who showed joy even through the pain. We have lost a great soul.”

Hundreds of condolences have been pouring in since the shocking news about the boy many called ‘Ears’ – due to his obviously large ears – had died.

Even his opponents are touched.

“We were rivals from two different schools in basketball, you were a true competitor and always showed good sportsmanship,” said Mickhail Treasure of York Castle High in paying tribute on behalf of their basketball team. “You played the game with passion and pride and you made your school and the Northern Conference proud.”

Godfrey’s passion for basketball was evident from a tender age, based on anecdotes from those close to him. He promised his mother that he would be future star one day and transform his and her life for the better. He was on that road for sure in the eyes of many, until his untimely passing.

“Kevon brought us a short moment of joy. I saw in him a future NCAA Division One basketball player,” said Williams who scouts Jamaican talent for teams in the United States. “If there are any more Kevon Godfreys out there I want to find them.”

“My prayers and condolences go out to the Godfrey family in this time of bereavement. I pray that God strengthens you in this time and give peace and comfort,” added Edwards, a church minister, who also took part in Godfrey’s baptism.

“I have been privileged to have known Kevon and worked with him. My heart hurts right now. But on behalf of the Old Harbour High basketball family I want to say thank you for lending him to us. He was a son, brother and friend. He made a great impact and most of all gave his life to the Lord.”

The funeral service of the late Kevon Godfrey will be held at the Church of Christ, Marlie Acres, Old Harbour on September 2, 2017, starting 1:00 pm. The viewing of the body starts 11:00 am, while interment is at the Church Pen Cemetery.

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